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Superfruits: who are they and what are their superpowers?

What are the virtues of Superfruits?

Although the name Superfruits is not purely scientific, but just a marketing term, it was not chosen at random. Indeed, it has been proven that, in addition to a balanced diet, Superfruits have real anti-ageing and anti-fatigue virtues. They also prove to be valuable allies in the fight against certain diseases by boosting the immune system. Moreover, they are said to be adaptogenic, i.e. they act according to the needs of the body. These virtues are due to their content of antioxidants, vitamin C and other minerals, which is much higher than that of more traditional fruits (hence the term “SUPER-fruits“!).


Stress, pollution, but also simply the normal functioning of our body generate free radicals. Although essential, they are a problem when they are in excess. In this case, the antioxidants provided by our diet can eliminate them. To evaluate the antioxidant capacity of a food, scientists have created the ORAC index. (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). This gives the rate of active ingredients per 100 g of a given food. It is recommended to provide between 3000 and 5000 ORAC units per day in the diet. (a “standard” diet provides a maximum of 2,000).

Vitamin C:

A known and recognised anti-fatigue agent, vitamin C is a real booster for the immune system, and therefore plays an essential role in the prevention of disease.


Essential to the proper functioning of the body, minerals are well known to the general public: calcium (which transforms energy into energy in the cells), magnesium (essential for the balance of the nervous and muscular system, allied against fatigue and stress), iron (which participates in the oxygenation of the blood). All 3 are found in large quantities in Superfruits.

Fatty acids:

The famous Omega 3, but also 6, 7 and 9, participate in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, in particular by regulating our cholesterol level.

Who are these Superfruits?

Organic goji berries:

First Superfruit to have made the news, the goji berry, native to Asia, has been used since the dawn of time in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. They nicknamed this small red berry “the key to eternal youth” or “fruit of longevity”. The Chinese also lend it aphrodisiac virtues!!!. It is 4,000 times richer in vitamin C than an orange (this rate decreases during drying, but is still exceptional). Also packed with minerals and amino acids, Goji berry has an ORAC index of 25300 per 100g. It will be perfect for topping on your yoghurts, or in your dried fruit mixes. It is also an excellent ingredient in our Superfruits mix.

Organic pecan nuts:

Although pecans nuts are not strictly speaking Superfruits, we have chosen to combine them with goji berries for two reasons:

The first, silly one, is that their tastes go well together!
The second is that pecans are the nut with the highest antioxidant content (ORAC index of 17940 per 100g). They are also very rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

They therefore fully deserve their place in our article!

Organic mulberries:

Very popular in Turkey and Greece, organic mulberries can be enjoyed all year round. Whether you eat them as they are, in a mix, or in bread or cakes, they will always be delicious. In addition, they are a real source of Vitamin C and iron. They will help you to fight against stress, tiredness and all the little aches and pains of winter. Their ORAC index is 6130 per 100 g.

Organic cranberries:

You will never cease to be amazed by the countless virtues of this little red berry, which comes to us from North America. The consumption of cranberry juice has long been recommended in the prevention of urinary tract infections because of its diuretic properties. Cramberries are also very rich in antioxidants, vitamins C, A and K, as well as minerals: calcium and potassium. Good for both muscles and blood pressure, they will keep you fit and help you fight stress. With an ORAC index of 9000 per 100g, organic cranberry should be a must in your mix. Also to be used in topping on yoghurts and porridges.

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