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Super foods: the best super foods and their benefits

Super foos and their benefits

Industrialised food, fruit and vegetables picked too early or poor hygiene habits weaken our organism. Discover super foods and super fruits, those natural foods that mean good things to us!

The main super food

Very popular for several years now, super foods are natural foods such as berries, seeds, algae or fruits. Rich in active ingredients and trace elements, they are interesting to take in addition to a healthy diet to fill up with vitamins and minerals.

Unlike traditional foods such as fruit or vegetables, superfoods and superfoods represent real nutrient concentrates: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants… It is these properties that make them particularly interesting.

Chia seed, the Aztecs’ super food

Widely consumed for several thousand years by the Aztecs, the chia seed now invites itself in our smoothies, porridges or verrines for an original appetizer! Chia seeds resemble poppy seeds and can be of two colours: white or black, the latter having a more pronounced flavour.

Rich in fibre, iron, omega-3 and calcium, chia seeds are eaten by soaking them in water such as psyllium. They then form a fairly thick liquid and soften to make them easier to eat.


Cyanobacterium with a blue-green colour, spirulina is without a doubt one of the most popular super plants! In particular, it is part of nutrition programs in developing countries thanks to its exceptional richness in iron and protein (50 to 70% of its total composition). It also contains many vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals.

Taken in cure of one month or more, in the form of tablets or flakes, the composition of spirulina makes it one of the most effective superfoods to maintain tone and vitality. It is also particularly recommended for athletes, pregnant women or vegetarians.

Goji berry, an Asian super food

Discovered in the 1970s, goji berry is native to Asia and is particularly present in China.

Rich in nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, goji berry can be eaten dried, fresh or in juice, during breakfast or outside of meals. However, its consumption should be avoided in the evening because of its stimulating properties that can disturb sleep.

Superfruits to vitaminize your diet

Acerola, the super food from Brazil

A small red fruit with a tangy taste, acerola is one of the super fruits most consumed in winter to contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system thanks to its high vitamin C content.

Native to Brazil, acerola is widely consumed in fruit juice or powder form. As a dietary supplement, it is frequently found in the form of tablets or powder to be taken as a cure for several weeks.

Acai berries

Like acerola, acai berries are native to South America and are grown mainly in Brazil. Their colour is reminiscent of blueberries.

The acai berry contains proteins, essential fatty acids, but also vitamins B, A and E, as well as fibre, iron and calcium and antioxidants.

Generally used in powder form, the acai berry is very pleasant to eat. It can be used in smoothies, breakfasts or desserts, where it will bring out the colour!

Camu-camu, the super food of Peru

Native to Peru, camu-camu is a red-purple super food. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Consumed in powder form, camu-camu with its tangy taste will find its place in summer salads, fruit juices or smoothies!

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