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Super Foods : Eat Better, Eat Organic, Eat Healthy

Organic Healthy is a website specialized in super foods. Discover all the fruits, vegetables, plants or seeds to boost your health and have a healthy diet.

Super Fruits

Super Fruits are fruits that have a nutritional profile higher than the average of other fruits, especially in vitamins, minerals or trace elements.

Numerous epidemiological studies have proven that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of dietary imbalance. or some time now, berries, these small fruits that grow on shrubs, have taken centre stage in the cosmetics market: Superfruits are invading the world of beauty.

Benefits of Pecan Nuts

The fruit of a tree growing abundantly in the United States, pecan nuts were part of the traditional Native American diet. It is still prized today, especially in pies. Its protein content is relatively low compared to other nuts such as almonds. Fresh pecan is…

Benefits of Cramberries

The tangy flavour of cranberries makes them an original ingredient to add to sauces and dressings. Filled with antioxidants, its refreshing juice prevents urinary tract infections and the onset of several diseases. The benefits of cranberries Urinary tract infections. Consuming cranberry juice or taking cranberry…

Benefits of Almonds

Almonds are highly valued for their high content of phytosterols, monounsaturated fatty acids, vegetable proteins, soluble fibre, vitamins and minerals. Since 2003, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted the following claim for nuts on food labels: “There is evidence to suggest, but…

Benefits of Camu Camu

What is camu camu? Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is the fruit of a tree of the same name, native to the Amazonian forest, and belonging to the Myrtaceae family - like the guava. Sometimes half submerged, it grows on the banks of rivers in the…

Benefits of Acai

What’s acai? Acai is an Amazonian palm tree whose fruit is prized worldwide. The acai berry has many health benefits. Known as a “super fruits“, the small berry contains vitamins, minerals and powerful natural active ingredients. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity that gives it…

Benefits of Goji berries

What is goji? Often presented as “superfruits“, goji berries are berries that have been used for several millennia in Chinese and Tibetan pharmacopoeia. Traditionally used for their stimulating and toning virtues, goji berries have been the subject of numerous scientific studies in recent years. Researchers…

Benefits of Acerola

The acerola is the fruit of a small shrub of the same name with many benefits, which proliferates in the tropical regions of South America, particularly in Peru, in the Caribbean, and in the heart of the Amazonian forests of Venezuela and Brazil. This exotic…

Super Plants - Algaes

Super Plants or Super Algaes are foods recognized as an exceptional concentrate of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. It is above all their nutritional characteristics, which are far superior to the average of other vegetables, that give them this status. Insofar as their component is considered beneficial to the body, of course.

Benefits of Cocoa

Theobroma cacao, “food of the gods” in Greek. Delicious, no one will deny it… But also stimulant, antioxidant, antidepressant, euphoric! Cocoa beans, cocoa powder and dark chocolate from 70% reveal their nutritional richness and remarkable properties. COCOA BENEFITS ✓ Stimulates, boosts concentration and memory ✓…

Benefits of Turmeric

What’s that? Turmeric, which is distinguished by its beautiful orange colour, is not only an exceptional spice but also a plant cultivated and used since ancient times in certain regions of the world and in natural Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Its high nutritional value is…

Benefits of Ginger

What are the real benefits of ginger? It is easy to find many articles on the subject, but few rely on its aphrodisiac virtues, which have made it famous throughout the world. Ginger is much more than just a libido booster. Ginger has many benefits…

Benefits of Ginseng

What’s that? Ginseng, from its scientific name: Panax ginseng Meyer, is a medicinal plant, which belongs to the araliaceae family. As one of the most powerful roots in the world, ginseng is considered to be a natural stimulant for the body and one of the…

Benefits of Kale

Little known in France but considered a vegetable superstar in the United States, kale really deserves its fame and to be put forward for regular consumption. The reason is quite simple: it is a natural concentrate of nutrients and other antioxidants essential to our body….

Benefits of Chlorella

What is Chlorella? Chlorella, more commonly known as chlorella, is a type of unicellular green microalgae. This alga has been the subject of interest in the scientific community for several years. Some researchers are interested in developing green energy while others are studying its therapeutic…

Benefits of Aloe Vera

What is aloe vera? Aloe Vera is a trunkless perennial shrub belonging to the family Liliaceae or Aloe Vera belonging to the genus Aloe. This plant measures between 60 cm and 1m high. We considered it as a super plants (or super foods) The leaf…

Benefits of Spirulina

What is spirulina? Spirulina, from its scientific name Spirulina Arthrospira Platensis, is a filamentous cyanobacterium with a blue-green colour in the shape of a spiral, often wrongly considered as an algae and which has many health benefits which are at the origin of its popularity….

Benefits of Irish Sea Moss

Irish moss or carrageenan is harvested on the Irish coast and then dried in the sun, which is why it retains its beautiful colours, unlike other white Irish moss varieties. Sea moss is considered as super algaes. Rich in minerals This red seaweed is rich…

Super Seeds

Flaxseed, chia seeds, and hemp seeds are commonly referred to as super seeds because of the nutritional punch they offer. If you think about it, it’s not surprising that seeds of all types are so rich in nutrients. These tiny orbs have to supply the nutrients a growing plant needs. When you eat seeds, you absorb the nutrients and put them to use.  Hemp, flax, and chia all embody the nutrient-dense power of seeds.

Benefits of Chia seeds

Do you know about chia seeds? They are small seeds originating from Mexico, which have many virtues. This staple food of the Aztecs would help us to stay healthy, among other things. We tell you everything. Chia seeds are very common in Latin America. In…

Kratom tea is traditionally created by steeping leaves from the kratom tree in hot water for many hours (Mitragyna speciosa). It is indigenous to regions of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, and has a long history of use.

The herb Kratom is known by several different names, including Maeng Da, ketum, biak-biak, thom, thang, and kakum, among others.

For thousands of years, field workers have chewed on kratom leaves to enhance their energy and endurance while also increasing their heat tolerance and relieving weariness.

These leaves were also employed as a natural cure to treat a variety of diseases, including coughing, diarrhea, diabetes, and high blood pressure, according to traditional medicine.
They were also employed as a substitute for opium, which was a powerful pain reliever, and as a treatment for opium withdrawal.

To consume kratom, it is commonly chewed or crushed before being steeped in tea or smoked.
Nowadays, however, kratom leaves are pulverized and utilized to form tablets and powders, which are available in various strengths.

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